Thursday, March 24, 2016

VBT# Dig Too Deep - Amy Allgeyer

Dig Too Deep 

Review: Dig Too Deep - Amy Allgeyer - April 2016

At first I wasn't sure I would enjoy this book as judging from the cover it doesn't look that exciting and when I read the blurb , I was a little bit more intrigued but then again I'm not really into the whole environmental side of things . However I loved Dig Too Deep as it turned out to be fast-paced and a mystery of sorts with nasty villians with their hands too deep into the pockets of others and a whole town slowly dying due to the water.  Dig too Deep tells the story of a seventeen year old girl who had to lose her scholarship and move in with her Nana in a small mountain town when her mother - an activist ended up in prison after a bomb went off at one of her protests. Liberty has always resented her mother for not being there for her when she needs her and putting her causes first, but Liberty will soon realise that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree when she arrives in town and discovers her Nana's water is bright orange and her Nana has stage 4 cancer. After a bit more research, Liberty notices a pattern that a few of the elderly have been dying and more are sick and she knows it has to do with the new mine operating.  The thing is though that when Liberty tries to stop it , bad things happen from burning sheds to hurt loved ones . Can Liberty with the help of a few locals stop the Mine once and for all and do the town the favour the need or will it be too late to do anything about it ? 
Find out in Dig Too Deep which was a fast-paced Teen Fiction Environmental Mystery and one of those books where it doesn't pay to judge by the cover as it turned out to be an interesting and amazing insight to environmental cover-ups and actually gets you thinking that this is a common occurence and how many thousands of incidents like this have happened over years in different parts of the world.


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  1. Paula, thank you for such a lovely review! I'm so glad you enjoyed DIG TOO DEEP!


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