Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Review: American Queen - Sierra Simone

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American Queen (American Queen, #1)

Review: American Queen - Book #1 American Queen Trilogy - Sierra Simone - October 2016

As readers will know, there are new books being released every single day in the truckloads, and often there are releases that stand out to us and make us mark it down in our "I want to read it" list. For me, that was American Queen by Sierra Simone. As soon as the cover was revealed, I knew that I wanted to read it and as soon as it landed on my Kindle, I was straight into it. I had the knowledge that it was going to be a political fiction with the book starring the President of the USA and his best friend - Mr. VP but other than that I had no clue. The book starts out quite innocent with the introduction to seven-year-old Greer Galloway at a party with her Grandfather Leo. Here she meets Merlin whom she calls the Wizard. Merlin tells Greer to keep her kisses to herself as it can cause trouble. Over the next twenty years, Greer only kisses two guys - Ash and Embry. It turns out in the present time, Ash aka Maxon Colchester is now the President of the USA and Embry is his best friend and VP/Confidante. This is the clincher as the book trusts me starts out pretty innocent, and you think and believe that this is going to be your usual contemporary romance story and then Wham Bam- the novel flips the reader upside down as you are now given a pretty erotic story with threesomes and sexual acts. I do have to admit I did not see the book going this way and at first, I was shocked, but then I have to admit it did make sense in a way as Greer loved both guys so much and wouldn't want to spend or push them apart from each other. The other thing readers, I pre-warn you is that American Queen leaves you hanging as the book finishes on an OMG cliffhanger. I now can't wait to read Book #2 to find out what will happen to Greer.


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