Friday, November 4, 2016

VBT# A Lover's Lament - K.L Grayson and B.T Urruela

A Lover's Lament 
Review: A Lover's Lament - K.L Grayson and B.T Urruela - October 2016

Normally I am a pretty quick reader, but A Lover's Lament was one of those books that took me a little bit longer than usual to read. It didn't feel slow paced, in fact, it was steady, but there was something about the book that makes the reader want to take their time reading the book. The book starts off with best friends Devin and Katie finally getting together as they had loved one another since the first day they met when they were starting school. Then Devin breaks the news and on the sidelines waits for Wyatt to come and pick up the pieces as Wyatt has always loved Katie. To me, I never really liked the character Wyatt as he always seemed desperate and interfered and one of those creepy guys who overstep the boundaries and try and act romantic towards the girl to get her mind off the one she cares for. Wyatt is the fallback type of guy or the friends with benefits one - the one you care about but never see yourself ever having a true future with him. Ten years pass and tragedy occur with Katie and her Dad in a car accident. The cause of the accident was a drunk driver who turned out to be a Soldier- a war hero. Under her therapist Dr. Perry's suggestion, Katie must write to one of the participating soldiers in a pen pal program. One named stands out to her on the list - Devin Clay. Her Childhood friend and the one who broke her heart completely. The pair start writing and we discover that neither of them ever stopped loving one another and that the chemistry, passion, and spark is still alive and going stronger as it was the day they last saw one another.  During the letters, we read as Katie learns to heal and in a way Devin does as well and it gives him a reason to survive. I loved this book and then just as things start to look up and we are like Yay.  We are given a war scene filled with explosions which results in  unanswered mail and leaves us readers hang on the edge of our seats in the hope that Devin is going to be alright. We then sigh a breath of relief and then pow we are faced with it again and right up to the last page, I can tell you I was holding my breath as I didn't want this book to end up as a tragic love story. A Lover's Lament is a book that if you are a romantic at heart, you will enjoy and it is one of those love stories for the ages.  If you are a sucker for Second Chance romances, forgiveness and the power of healing and the art of letter-writing, then A Lover's Lament by KL Grayson and BT Urruela is the read for you.


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