Friday, November 4, 2016

Review: Madly in Love - Colet Abedi

First off Madly in Love by Colet Abedi is a quick novella read, and I have to admit as I hadn't read Mad Love, I was a little confused with this book as it plainly didn't make too much sense into why the character was this emotionally invested in this particular love.  In Madly in Love, we meet Sophie Walker who is in her early 20's and has just dropped out of law school as she has no idea what she wants to do with her life exactly. She has also recently broken up with her boyfriend, and her life seems to have flipped upside down - a bit like the Fresh Prince. Sophie's friends decide she needs a "her" holiday where she can relax and find herself and decide exactly who she wants to be and become. During this holiday, Sophie meets Clayton who is also holidaying and sparks fly. Sophie's trip soon turns into a whirlwind romantic holiday where she loses her V-card to Clayton and falls hard and fast. Only to discover by the time her holiday is finished - her Romeo happened to be somebody else's Romeo and broke her heart.  Now back to Planet Reality in LA, Sophie has decided to pursue her passion for Art but also must learn how to move on from her addictive love of Clayton to feel whole again. Madly in Love, was truly a story about what it's like to feel completely helpless against the feelings of love and passion and the damage it can do to one when they have fallen hard, and the truth revealed that their fantasy of HEA would never be able to become a reality.


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