Friday, November 4, 2016

VBT# Beard Science - Penny Reid

We all have our list of favorite and must-read authors, for me, one of those on the list is Penny Reid. I just love all her books, no matter what series she has written. The other thing I love about this particular series is the cross-stitch styled covers. The Winston Brothers series features as the title assumes one of the many bearded Winston Brothers. Beard Science focuses on Cletus Winston. He has always been the logical one, the one who is conniving and scheming and considered the dark one as he is like a treasure trove of secrets and he knows how to blackmail and get his way and use it to his advantage. Cletus is always one step ahead of everybody else as he stores his information for a rainy day as you never know when it might be needed. Jennifer Sylvester aka The Banana Cake Queen has always been a good girl and followed what her parents have said; she has never outright disagreed with them but one day she snaps - she is sick of being invisible and needs help to get her out of her shell.  Jennifer is also a people watcher, and when she catches on film something she shouldn't have, she will use it to her advantage and ends up blackmailing Cletus Winston to help her out. At first, the pair are quite stiff and not sure what to think of the other, but the more time they spend together - you start to get an inkling that there is more than meets the eye for both of the main characters. Overall I did love and enjoy Beard Science, and I found Cletus being one of my favorite brothers. I was a little disappointed as I had wanted a bit more Cletus action where we are exposed to his darker side - his side where he plans his revenge plots, his schemes and the way his mind works. After reading and finishing Beard Science, all I can say is bring on July 2017 when Book #4 Beard in Mind will be released, and I have a feeling this will be Ben and Claire's story.


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