Sunday, September 6, 2020

Review: Blue Skies - TL Martin

Blue Skies

Review: Blue Skies - T.L Martin - September 2020
Growing up with just her mother, Blue Everest had everything she ever needed - except for one thing, her Dad. She never knew him as she grew up homeschooled on a commune with her mother and her best friend Benji who is your typical stoner hippie as we read a few interactions between Benji and Blue. That is until one day, she finds her mother is off on one of her long journeys and now she is to live with her newfound Dad and his family in a small wealthy suburb. Everything about this is a new adjustment for Blue as she is used to homeschooling and the woods and no timetables, here she has the suburbs, high school, and structure to navigate around. There is also the boy who lives inside the Everest's Poolhouse Joshua Hunt who has captured Blue's attention. She sees the sadness in him and wants to help him. Josh aka Hunt hasn't had the easiest of lives as his mother is sick and his Dad is off gambling away whatever he can get his hands on.  Hunt has always worried he will turn out just like his Dad and hasn't dated anyone long-term rather than just a fling with no strings attached. However, Blue makes his dream that he can settle down and be in a real relationship and with her. Can Blue help Hunt with his baggage? What will happen though when Blue's life gets a bit too hard and complicated even for the happy-go-lucky free spirit she is? Find out in Blue Skies, a new angsty YA/NA read by TL Martin.


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