Sunday, September 6, 2020

Review: Teen Killers Club - Lily Sparks

Teen Killers Club

Review: Teen Killers Club - Lily Sparks - November 2020
What happens when you wake up and find your best friend's body dead in your arms? If you are Signal Deere, you find yourself with a new nickname "Girl from Hell" and found guilty of murder.  Signal Deere is innocent but now is being treated as a Class A killer and along with a group of other teens who are in fact real murderers and serial killers, she has been sent to a camp. The camp is known to train the killers into assassins and hunt down those guilty of crimes or about to commit crimes in the future and have slipped between the cracks. At this camp, the teens will go through a series of tests, what happens though when given the chance Signal discovers with the help of Eric, etc what happened to Rose and who killed her? Will Signal be able to prove her innocence or will it end up being a lost cause especially now that the whole world has already made up their mind and painted her the bad girl? Find out in this fun teen assassins book which reminded me of Sophie Jordan's series Univited which had a similar storyline of potential killers at a camp based area. Perfect for those readers who love spy novels, assassins, and thrillers/ murder mysteries.

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