Sunday, September 6, 2020

Review: Lumberjanes - Birthday Smarty ( Vol #15)

Lumberjanes co-creator Shannon Watters on how Boom Box! succeed where other  comics fall short - Blastr

Lumberjanes, Vol. 15: Birthday Smarty (Lumberjanes, Vol. 15)

Review: Birthday Smarty - #Volume 15 - Lumberjanes - Various Writers/Artists - August 2020
It's birthday celebrations happening at the Lumberjanes camp and one of those girls celebrating their birthdays is Jo. For years ever since they were young ones, April has been planning a birthday party after a birthday party for Jo, always try to best the previous year's birthday party. This year though Jo isn't at all excited as she knows that April will try and make it all about herself, little does she know that April has put a lot of effort into this party and decided that the correct Lumberjane way is to share the birthday spirit? However, will Jo and Mal get back in time to help celebrate the party as Jo has other plans and sabotaged the rafting trip? Of course, we also have the Selkies joining in as their captain has disappeared and needs saving which wouldn't be a proper Lumberjane novel without adventure and magical beings. I do have to admit though, I am wondering if the Lumberjanes graphic novels are on their way out for me and done their dash as the last few haven't been as great as the previous volumes. I love the friendship factors but the adventures just haven't felt the same and the group has been divided rather than the whole cabin working together. In saying that, I will see how I fare with the later releases and if you love Girl Scouts/Brownies or Pippins - then the Lumberjanes graphic novels are perfect reading material. 

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