Saturday, September 5, 2020

Review: The Night That Changed Rachel - Gail Haris

The Night That Changed Rachel (The Randalls #2)

Review: The Night that Changed Rachel - Book #2 The Randalls - Gail Haris - August 2020
At the end of Book #1, we read and cried as we watched the Randall family suffer another tragedy just when things were finally looking up for them. For Rachel, her whole life was shattered as her best friend/beard was suddenly gone and she had no-one in her life she could turn too as her strong connection to the Randall family had been broken, for her anyway. Graduating early as she needs to get away from their smalltown, Rachel is ready to head to college and room with Alice Randall. During the last week of school, there is a bonfire party that she gets wasted and ends up sleeping with Trent Randall - her longtime crush and Landon's older brother. Of course, if only sleeping with Trent was easy as he has an on/off again long-time girlfriend and she hates Rachel. What happens though when Rachel discovers her life is about to change when a test comes back positive? Will she take the easy route and way out and lie that it's Landon's or will she confront Trent and tell him the truth? What happens though when a new guy friend Jonah is added to the mix? Where do Rachel's feelings lie and who will she pick in her time of need? Find out in another great installment of The Randalls series by Gail Haris.

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