Saturday, September 5, 2020

Review: These Vengeful Hearts - Katherine Laurin

Review: These Vengeful Hearts - Katherine Laurin - September 2020
Ever since she started high school, September aka Ember Williams has had one goal. To join the secret society known as The Red Court and take it down.  The Red Court is known for taking down and humiliating people who have hurt others or if they are paid the right price, they can ruin somebody simply because you don't like them. Nobody knows her The Red Queen and the members are and they tap you by leaving a note in your locker and a playing card. For Ember, her life has been all about being the perfect candidate for the Red Court - everything she has done in high school is to make them notice her as it is rumored they aim for high achievers and all-rounders. When Ember's older sister April was in high school, she ended up in an accident which she told Ember was the result of The Red Court and Ember wants revenge and brings down The Red Queen and dismantles the Red Court. What happens though when Ember starts playing her part in the Red Court and learns that she is good at it and soon the lines will blur between what is right and what is wrong and Ember will start to turn into a different person - someone that her best friend and the boy she likes doesn't like? Will Ember's priorities change when she joins the group or will she be even Bmore determined to bring the group down? Find out in this fun novel which reminded me of a mix between the secret chain of Gossip Girl and PLL - These Vengeful Hearts by Katherine Laurin.

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