Sunday, September 6, 2020

VBT# Six Angry Girls - Adrienne Kisner

Six Angry Girls

Review: Six Angry Girls - Adrienne Kisner - August 2020
Lately, I have been reading a lot more YA books as I go through different phases with my reading. I wasn't sure what to expect with Six Angry Girls but I found myself loving this book as it talked about Social Justice and Feminism. The book starts with one of the main girls Raina being dumped by her long-time boyfriend and so she writes a letter to an Agony Aunt who tells her to get a hobby like knitting. She then joins an LYC - Local Yarn Club and finds comfort in knitting and these knitters are very proactive in the community with activism via knitting things like genitals and body parts etc. They have lots of laughs too which I loved. Another one of the Six - Millie has always been part of the local Mock Court Trial club at the school - she is the only girl in the team and now has been dropped from the group as the boys have overthrown her, it also seems wherever she goes, the male sex just wants to walk her over her and she has had enough.  With the local female school librarian as their Mock Court Advisor and a group of six misfits who have been pushed aside because of males decide to form their group and prove that females are not the weaker sex and the old saying "Whatever you men do, women can do it better" rings true in Six Angry Girls. This book is the perfect read for any female who has ever felt like they have come second to a male in any situation during their lives.

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