Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Review: The Personal Touch - Caroline B. Cooney

The Personal Touch: A Cooney Classic Romance

Review: The Personal Touch - Caroline B. Cooney - October 2013 

Originally published in 1982, Caroline B. Cooney's books are being re-released and reprinted and are now considered classic romance. The Personal Touch reminds readers of what was considered a teen romance book back in the 80's. A book that is clean and sweet. Growing up, Sunny had a love/hate relationship with Summer as Summer brought on freedom from school, but the invasion of her horrible neighbor Tim as his family always came to stay in the New England town over Summer break. Tim has always been a nuisance and causing mayhem and pranks. It seems though that people can change as now that they are seventeen which means jobs and work on the horizon and possibly a young budding romance. Sparks are flying between Tim and Sunny.  Will they see each other in a brand new light this Summer? With a summer filled with work, work, and more work, will the pair get to spend time with one another or will this be a fleeting romance between the two?
Find out in this Classic Teen Romance "The Personal Touch" by Caroline B. Cooney, a reminder that teen books don't always have to be filled to the brim with sex and drugs as The Personal Touch is a good clean, wholesome YA read.

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