Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Review: Illicit - Ava Harrison


Review: Illicit - Ava Harrison - April 2017

I have to admit, if you want a hot teacher/student novel, then Illicit by Ava Harrison isn't that sort of reading. I had gone into this book thinking more along the lines of a hot sizzling Taboo teacher/student relationship but got a book that was more along the lines of the level that we read in the Slammed series by Colleen Hoover or the Ezria relationship from Pretty Little Liars. The book starts with the main female lead discovering her college boyfriend in a compromising position with another girl. Lynn rushes to the beach to get some fresh air and away from the whispers. It is while sitting on the beach; she meets Carson - he has just finished college and hanging out at the party with some of his school buddies. The pair hit it off and spend an amazing night together with the impression that they will never see one another ever again. Come Monday though, Lynn is back to High school, and her new teacher happens to be none other than Carson. The pair has this on/off I can't, but I must type relationship as of course it is illegal for Carson to date one of his students even if she is legal and considered an adult as she is 18. Of course, readers can imagine all the obstacles that will come up in the book from nosy teachers, worrisome parents, and friends.  If you want a New Adult Teacher/Student romance with a sweeter than sizzling storyline, then check out Ava Harrison's new title "Illicit."

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