Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Review: Reign of Crowns - Dani Hart

Reign of Crowns (Dupree Heights, #1)

Review: Reign of Crowns - Book #1 Dupree Heights - Dani Hart - April 2017

I have a thing for royalty novels, so when I saw this title and cover, I had wanted to read it as I assumed it was a royal novel. Turns out to be a YA Dystopian novel and one that reminded of the book series The Selection and The Jewel.  Every year, there is a season where debutantes -normally the wealthy attend parties and are eventually matched with a bachelor which by the end of the season should end with a proposal for marriage. This year though is a special one as it is the fiftieth anniversary and the season has been opened up to all the different class levels; it is also the year that Josephine aka Josie Dupree is debuting. Josie is sixteen and the eldest daughter of the Dupree name; her family is considered royalty in Dupree Heights named after her grandfather. However, Josie has no interest in the season as she is in love with someone who she can never be with - Grayson especially not now that she has been matched with Sterling Wild. Years ago, Josie's dad died, and she has been kept sheltered until now as she learns the truth about who her father was and this upcoming year  Josie will have to make a decision that will change not only her life forever but those around her.  Reign of Crowns was slow to start with, but as it got along, the story picked up and OMG readers it does end on a cliffhanger. I am now looking forward to reading Book #2 and seeing what direction Dani Hart takes this series.  Reign of Crowns is the perfect read for those who are not yet sick of the YA Dystopian genre and also if your guilty watching pleasure is The Bachelor and Debutante shows, then you will feel right at home with Book #1 Reign of Crowns.

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