Monday, April 17, 2017

Review: The Secret Life of A Witch - Volume #3 - Jessica Sorensen

Life for Evalee is becoming more and more complicated as she starts to unravel who she is and what she is capable of and mainly who she can trust. After her sister Rylee was petrified, Evalee went on a journey to discover how she could save her sister and reverse the spell as she had never been a very good witch on her own. Turns out though that Evalee never saw her journey going this way with discovering her whole life has been a lie and that she is a protected asset of The Society. With the help of her new frenemy Max - the demon, Evalee is about to discover a little about her birth and her biological parents. In doing so though, will this put Evalee into more danger as those who wanted her dead in the beginning are coming out of the woodwork? As this is a serial with volumes -each book is a quick read and ends on a major cliffhanger. I am hoping that in the last book that we do get a conclusion and discover the complete background on Evalee and her origins.

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