Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Review: My Teacher, My Step - Gillian Cherry

My Teacher My Step: A Stepbrother Romance (My Sexy Step Book 1)

Review: My Teacher, My Step - Book #1 My Sexy Step - Gillian Cherry - April 2015

Do you want a quick erotic fix? A steamy read. I was feeling a little bit let down the other day after reading another teacher/student book as I wanted a hot read and it was cleaner than what I was in the mood for, so decided to have a quick look on my Kindle and came across Gillian Cherry's My Teacher, My Step.  Ginger Mason had to choose an elective for her Graphic Arts major and picked Sociology for one reason only - her hot stepbrother was a T.A for this class. What will happen though when Ginger discovers that the usual Professor has taken a leave of absence and her Stepbrother is taking the class? Is this her chance to finally snag his attention and eventually earn his affections? Ginger concocts a plan to get Tyler's attention but will it work? Find out in this quick steamy read "My Teacher, My Step" by Gillian Cherry today. I have to admit I am not normally keen on the whole Stepbrother type stories especially with the ones that have known each other most of their lives but I do love the fantasy of a Teacher/Student relationship which is why I loved reading "My Teacher, My Step" by Gillian Cherry.

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