Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Review: Sally - Hedonist Six


Review: Sally - Hedonist Six - March 2017

Sally doesn't do relationships , especially because eight years ago she was left burnt. The experience left her a cynic and believed that if she was to love again that it would only lead to more hurt and she couldn't take that pain again . This experience left Sally a no-strings attached type of girl and it worked for her as she found plenty of men who just wanted to be laid and didn't want the pressure of a relationship. Her current no-strings is with her boss Mark and things were going well until everything seemed to come crashing down around Sally. Her ex Gareth has turned up eight years later with an explanation of what happened those many years ago when he left her and her current beau Mark wants to turn things into a relationship as he wants more.  Mark though has a secret identity , he has a thing for dressing up as a woman known as Megan . What will happen when Sally meets Megan ? Will she accept Mark for both of his identities or will it freak her out as this wasn't what she signed up for ? Find out in this contemporary romance where sometimes romances have a way of figuring themselves out and that sometimes we all need a little push in the right direction to realise that what we really do want is a commitment with a particular person. If you are in the mood for a quick romance read then check out Sally by Hedonist Six today. For those who haven't read any of Hedonist Six's books , she is famous for writing stories where the characters find true love in the most unexpected places or situations.

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