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Review: The Boyfriend Deal - Charity West

The Boyfriend Deal

Review: The Boyfriend Deal - Charity West - February 2016

What do you do when you want to distract your ex-boyfriend and stop him from stalking you? You kiss the closest guy next to you. For Hadley that happened to be none other than Tyler. The hottest guy in school and the guy she has had a crush on since they were in fourth grade. Tyler has a deal for Hadley; he needs a girlfriend and someone who is a mother can trust, a good girl and someone who can help him appear he is cleaning up his act and stop his transfer to the Military school. The thing is though it's not just Hadley who has a stalker and psycho ex, Tyler has one too. What will happen when Hadley and Tyler's romance crosses the line of pretending to real and they both start to fall for each other in a soulmate way, and the exes decide to exact revenge? Except for Tyler's ex, she is more dangerous than anyone of them could ever imagine and sets out to get rid of Hadley once and for all. Will Hadley be able to survive everything that is chucked her way or will she take the easy and the safe road and end things with Tyler before it's too late and the damage has been applied?
The Boyfriend Deal was a predictable main storyline of the Band Geek and Popular Football star falling in love, the classic Cinderella story but The Boyfriend Deal by Charity West takes it to another level with the added suspense factors. If you want a YA romantic suspense set in a High School format.

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