Monday, April 24, 2017

Review: Boomerangers - Heather M. Orgeron



Review: Boomerangers - Heather M. Orgeron - 2017

At first, I thought Boomerangers was about love coming back which is similar but apparently, there is a new definition in the urban dictionary for Boomerangers. A Boomeranger is an adult who has moved back home after a period of independence.  The other thing before I start is I have a thing about unisex names as sometimes this confuses me as the reader.  In Boomerangers we meet Spencer. Spencer has lost her job as a sex therapist due to her boss being naughty and crossing the line of professional and is a single mother to three boys. Landon and Lake are twins, and she has a toddler called Kyle. I have to admit out of all the characters Kyle was my favorite, he was just so adorable and you couldn't help but laugh at the things that came out of his mouth and he reminded me of my two nephews when they were that age. With nowhere else to go and her options being depleted, Spencer heads back home to her mother's house.  However, things are about to get a hell more awkward as Cooper has moved back home too after his divorce and they are to be next door neighbors. Spencer and Cooper are the relationships that should have happened but of course, life and love threw obstacles in their ways, and they went their course. Now back living next door, can Spencer and Cooper give their romance a second go? However, things will be a bumpy ride as Cooper isn't keen on children and Spencer has three boys whom will always come first no matter what. Can Cooper learn to love Spencer's sons and make them a family of his own or will this be another missed chance at love and a happily ever after?  Find out in Heather M. Orgeron's 2017 release "Boomerangers."

Goodreads Link - https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/33976648-boomerangers?from_search=true

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