Monday, April 24, 2017

Review: The Boy Friend - Mika Jolie

The Boy Friend 

Review: The Boy Friend - Mika Jolie - April 2017

Are you in the mood for friends to lovers story? We all know that men and women unless either party isn't attracted to the opposite sex can't be friends. Sooner or later, the line will be crossed, and they will either go two ways - the first is the friends to a lover or the second is we are no longer friends route, which sucks. Lucky for me, my best friend is also my partner, and we started off dating then went the friend's route, and now we are together - this time for the foreseeable future.  Friends to lovers stories are a favorite of mine, and Mika Jolie captured my interest one step further as her main character shared the same surname as myself. Ever since they were seven years old, Coriander aka Cori Phillips and Dean have been best friends. They have never viewed each other in a sexual way, so things have worked out great. That is until now when Cori mentions to Dean that since she is nearing thirty, she wants a baby. This somehow awakens something in Dean, and while Cori is out scouting the dating pool, Dean is getting jealous. How can he be jealous, he doesn't love Cori - his best friend or does he? We read through The Boy Friend as the pair keep denying their feelings for one another until one glorious night that leaves them both breathless and realizing that they have an undeniable sizzling chemistry between the both of them. The next morning though, will they shrug it off as a one-time thing or will they take their romance to the next level? Of course, you can guess what road happened next - the age old awkward phase where each party hurts the other by cutting contact. Can Dean and Cori finally admit to one another their love for each other or will it be too late with Meredith and Brandon waiting on the sidelines for a go with Dean and Cori?
Find out in Mika Jolie's new release "The Boy Friend." Perfect for those fans of Friends to Lovers novels.


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