Monday, April 24, 2017

Review: Ghost in His Eyes - Carrie Aarons

Ghost in His Eyes 

Review: Ghost in His Eyes - Carrie Aarons - April 2017

I wasn't sure what to expect when I started reading Ghost in His Eyes as I hadn't looked really at the blurb. I just saw that it was a Carrie Aarons book and I quite like that author. The book starts off again with the main female characters having a unisex name - Blake. I have to admit that it wasn't till I got to chapter 3 that I realized that Blake was a female as after reading the first few pages, I thought we might have a book from a male POV. What made me the double check was that Blake had brought from the supermarket romance novels and chocolate and I was like wait a minute - a guy buying romance novels? We learn that a tragedy occurred on a night that was Blake's best and worst night of her life and that Carson Cole was involved. It has been ten years since that night, and for Blake, she fell apart and turned borderline agoraphobic and for Carson - he stayed away for the ten years. That is until now, Carson has returned home to take over his father's business with the horses. With Blake doing the graphic design for the business and it being a small town, the pair is bound to run into each other on more than one occasion. What will happen though when they are both confronted with the issues of that fateful night? Has fate given them a second chance to work things out and move on with forgiving one another? Will this be an open the door to a possible re-ignition of their romance and love for one another? Ghost in His Eyes was a slower read than I was used to and I have to admit, Blake's character frustrated me a bit as the tragedy was like a massive dark cloud hanging over her. It was like that's what she lived for, and made no effort to try and move past the accident, she was living in a constant depression and dark spot and hello, small town - everyone just let her be that way - where was the support? Overall, however, if you want a second chance edgy romance with a sprinkle of wild horses and foals then check out Carrie Aaron's new release "Ghost in His Eyes."


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