Friday, June 2, 2017

VBT# My Roommates Girl - Tasha S. Heart and J.J. Marstead ( Part #2)

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My Roommate's Girl- Bad Boy Romance

Review: My Roommate's Girl - Tasha S. Heart and J.J Marstead - June 2017

Lance and Jax have been best friends since they were young and they have only had one thing on mind - how much sex they can have, and it doesn't matter who it is as long as they know that there are no strings attached. That is until Lance meets Mia and is serious about her and wants to make their relationship last. All would have been well, but Lance's roommate Jax is a playboy and man-slut and loves his sex. Lance gives him a warning but of course the first thing Mia sees when she walks into her new boyfriend's apartment is Jax going at it with Kim on their couch in the lounge, and of course, they are both butt-naked. Then, of course, she catches him jerking off. From then on, we read as the chemistry bounces off the page between Jax and Mia but of course, she can't like Jax or do anything with him seeing as she is with Lance - right ?? I have to admit, I had envisioned this book going into different plot lines as you could tell from the first meeting that she was attracted more to Jax than Lance, but the author decided to chuck near the end a massive plot twist. I could see why the author did that, but personally, I would have gone a different route for the main characters. Regarding a Roomies, type love story - My Roommates Girl had the feel but was more Alexa Riley type stories than say compared to Kendall Ryan's roommate's tales. 
If you are in the mood for some roomie smut and needing new authors to try, then check out My Roommate's Girl by Tasha S. Heart and J.J Marstead today.


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