Friday, June 23, 2017

Review: Talk British to Me - Robin Bielman

Tune in every morning and listen to The Dating Guy, the top L.A radio show host with his perfect British accent. That is what Teague and her friends do every morning when they are busy working in the coffee shop. During her work day, she heads over to the Wedding Event Planners next door and delivers the boss her coffee. During this occasion, she learns that the boss has fired her assistant and needs a new one. One thing leads to another and Teague ends up with two jobs - the coffee shop with her best friend Hope and the wedding planners. This part of the story felt very much like The Devil Wears Prada with Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep. During one of her nights out with Hope, she meets in an awkward position Mateo. For Mateo he fancies Teague, and she might be the one to change his playboy ways. Mateo kicks himself for not getting her number, but he will find his chances as turns out he will be seeing her more often than he realizes. As the relationship starts to form, will Mateo be able to keep up his double life as he has a secret that keeps him from being able to be in a committed relationship? Personally, though I found Talk British to Me a little disappointing as I had hoped that there would have been more of a UK/British feel and that we would have gone more into the real identity of Bennett - the Dating Guy. Overall, however, if you want a good romance read that's a mix between The Wedding Planner and Devil Wears Prada then check out contemporary romance novel Talk British to Me by Robin Bielman.

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