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Review: After the Rain - Renee Carlino

After the Rain

Review: After the Rain - Renee Carlino - November 2014

After the Rain by Renee Carlino started out like the movie The Longest Ride with the main character Avelina Belo falling head over heels with a Rodeo rider named Jake. The pair had a whirlwind romance that ended in marriage. The pair loved each other so much and lived together on the ranch where Jake had worked. Years pass and the couple are happy until one day they have an accident while out riding which leaves Jake paralyzed.  Jake's personality changes and he becomes an evil SOB. This part of the book was the edgy part that I have seen in a few of Renee Carlino's books. One thing leads to another, and Avelina suffers more tragedy.  The book then jumps to the present time which is years after Avelina's tragic moment. Here we meet Nate Myers who will become our male lead. Nate graduated medical school at the top of his class and is now following in his father's footsteps to become the best Doctor that he can be. What will happen though when Nate loses his first patient, and it looks like it could be his fault? His father also the head of the hospital decides that Nate needs a time out and sends him to his brother's ranch. Here at the ranch Nate spots Avelina, and there is an immediate attraction between the both of them, but of course, Avelina still feels loyal to Jake and guilty feelings of why should she be a happy to start to bubble to the surface. As the book goes along, we do get a happy moment with Nate and Avelina and then real life and Nate's job gets in the way so much that they decide to spend a year apart where they will have no contact with one another and then if they still feel the same way they will meet and be together for the rest of their lives. What will happen when the date for a year approaches, and Nate's not at Avelina's doorstep? Something that Renee Carlino does wonderfully is the story of soulmates which I love as I am a romantic at heart and in After the Rain she has proven that she can do it with any of her books.

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