Monday, June 12, 2017

Review: Waking in Time - Angie Stanton

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Waking in Time 

Review: Waking in Time - Angie Stanton - March 2017

Abbi aka Abigail is about to start her first year at College. The same college that her Grandmother and Great-Grandmother attended, growing up she had always heard amazing stories about the college campus. The thing though is her grandmother has currently passed away, so though it is a rejoiceful time it is also a sad time. Abbi arrives at college with a quilt her Grandmother made her and also a hatbox with photos from her Grandmother's life including one of her Grandmother and a friend that looks exactly like Abbi. That night Abbi goes out to a bonfire party and meets Colton who is a grandson of WC Smith - an ex-professor at the University. That night though, as Abbi falls asleep will begin a descent into the past as Abbi ends up traveling through times and different decades at the College. It turns out she is a time traveler and not the only one - while Abbi can only go backward, Will who was from the year 1927 seems to be going forwards. As Abbi starts going further and further back in history, she starts to wonder whether she will ever get back to her "time" in history. During the book, she also stays in contact in the different periods with Smitty aka Professor WC Smith. One of my favorite parts of Waking in Time was when Abbi got to spend time with her Grandmother and her Great-Grandparents as teenagers. I also loved how Angie tied everything together in the last chapter; this ending would have to be one of my favorites in a book that I read in a long time. It was one of those perfect endings, which made you fill with happiness and excitement. If you love time-travelling and Teen/NA crossover books and also family genealogy and wanting a new author to discover, then check out Waking in Time by Angie Stanton today.


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