Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Review : Unsupervised - Cora Kenborn

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Imperfect Love: Unsupervised (Kindle Worlds Novella)

Review: Unsupervised - Imperfect Love Kindle Worlds - Cora Kenborn - June 2017

Niall is a photographer for Tate and Cane and has been working closely with the team which includes his best buddy Vince and the unfortunate Gloria. For months now, ever since Gloria did Niall a favor by getting his daughter Sophie into Ravenhill she has wanted to get in his pants. During her latest advance towards Niall, he blurts out that he is engaged and now Gloria can't wait to meet this fiancee and what a perfect occasion - the Tate and Cane Gala party happening in one month's time. Now Niall must find someone willing to go the extra mile and play the role of his fake fiancee. Enter Laken Cavanaugh, she is a nanny to Lady Hammerlee's son Preston and loves him like he is her own. During one of their outings, Preston finds himself in a fight with Sophie which leads to Laken's meeting of Niall. One thing leads to another and Laken agrees to be Niall's fake fiancee, but of course, things are going to start unraveling and spiraling down faster than you can say - I do as Niall is under the impression that Laken is a single mother. What will happen to their perfect arrangement when Preston's actual mother is revealed, and it is someone that they both know? Find out in Unsupervised by Cora Kenborn today.


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