Thursday, June 29, 2017

Review: Truth or Dare - L.A Cotton

Truth or Dare (Liar Liar Book 2)

Review: Truth or Dare - Book #2 Liar Liar Series - L.A Cotton - May 2017

Becca and her family moved to Creedence with the idea of starting new and having a fresh start. Her family gave up everything to come here, and she hoped everything would be amazing but of course being in public school and a lower economic area than she was used too was a big change. The thing though Becca thought she had made new friends and was fitting in great, that was until it was revealed that they knew her past and what she was running away from. Kendall has decided to make Becca's life hell as Becca has what Kendall wants - Evan Porter and if Becca doesn't get out of Kendall's way fast enough, she will start by destroying those around Becca first. I did wonder what Becca's big secret was and had hoped that it would be more revealed in detail with Book #2 but again like the first book it glanced over. We did, however, see how her life in Creedence figured into the equation and how they discovered what had happened back home. One of my favorite characters in this book though was Eli - who is Evan's four-year-old brother. I just wanted to pick him up and hug him tight and every scene he was in, and his dialogue made my insides mushy as I was like Awh :). If you are on the lookout for an edgy YA novel set in the life of a High Schooler with a Mean Girls twist, then check out Book #2 in the Liar Liar Series by L.A Cotton today.


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