Friday, June 30, 2017

VBT# Like Ashes We Scatter - Bradon Nave

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Like Ashes We Scatter

Review: Like Ashes We Scatter - Bradon Nave - June 2017

One fateful night, Bishop Holloway received a phone call from his brother Nathan. Nathan was away at college, and the phone call seemed out of it. Bishop was worried something was up as Nathan didn't sound like his cheery self. Next thing we know, Nathan has committed suicide. Touching on the edgy topics is something that Bradon Nave is quite known for in all of his books and one thing that I love about his books is that the majority of perspectives are in the male POV rather than the females, which is nice for a change.  The other main character is Alex Ayers, her brother Tyson has cystic fibrosis and needs a lung transplant. He has been on the list for a while and isn't getting any better. Just as they think they don't have much time left, Tyson receives a new pair of lungs in a transplant. The lungs have come from Nathan Holloway.  Months later, Alex watches a documentary about Suicide and Bishop is being interviewed. Alex recognizes the name and sets a plan to meet him and reveal herself. What will happen though when they meet, and sparks fly? It's the happiest Bishop has felt since before the incident. What will happen though when Bishop finds out the truth, that Alex's brother Tyson received Nathan's lungs? Will Bishop see it as a betrayal or will his life and Alex's be changed for the better when he sees the good that has come out of Nathan's sacrifice as an organ donor? Like Bradon Nave's previous books, Like Ashes we Scatter is a thought-provoking novel and though it does have romance scattered throughout the pages like ashes - it makes us as the readers think about topics like Suicide, Life and the Afterlife especially Organ Donors. For me, I found it fascinating as I am an organ donor myself and you do sometimes wonder what sort of people would end up with your organs and which lives you will save and what those people whose lives you have saved, have ended up doing -now that they have an extended lifespan.

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