Monday, June 19, 2017

Review: Perfect - Cecelia Ahern

Celestine is back and still on the run after her escape from the prison which held those who were flawed. Now Judge Crevan is after Celestine and wants everyone to make their main priority chasing and capturing her. The thing is that Celestine has a secret and one that could ruin the whole Flawed system and Judge Crevan. She has a secret branding that Judge Crevan performed himself and there is video footage of the incident. This alone could bring down not only the whole Flawed Justice system but also Judge Crevan from his high pedestal. If you are still on a dystopian high or want a reminder of what a good dystopian read is, then the Flawless series by Cecelia Ahern is a good one to start with. I found this an awesome book as Cecelia Ahern normally only writes Chick Lit, so to read a Dystopian YA from her it was nice for a change. As Celestine starts to realise that she has the upper hand, she must make a decision and quick before her time runs out as she can either choose the easy way out and save herself or she can go the complicated route and try her best to save all those who have been labelled as Flawed in the eyes of the current regime . I loved this series as, unlike the other dystopian books I have read as  Celestine's family rallied around her and supported her decisions and they were on the Perfect side yet did everything in their power to try and save her and help her with her cause to save the Flawed.

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