Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Review: Geek Actually - Episode #3 - Boss Battles - Melissa Blue

First off I have to say if you identify yourself as a Geek Girl, then this is the series for you as it covers all aspects and even better if you find you don't have much time to read, each book is a quick read.  In Boss Battles, it's time to spend some quality time and get to know the character's families. Taneesha who is still going through a hard time with her job is out and about with her brother and checking out a local gaming store. Her brother decides to give it a shot and set Taneesha up with the hot store owner Diego. Will this be the excitement that Taneesha needs to take her mind off her job? Elli has quit yet another job and is busy making her costume for her latest convention, except this time her parents are pulling out the big guns and threatening to cut her off if she doesn't start to take the adult world seriously and get a real job. Arditi we had seen from the first book that she was cheating on her husband and I wondered if they were swingers but turns out her husband who is her best friend is a closet gay. What will happen when her husband's parents come to stay, and Arditi must pretend to be the perfect and dutiful wife? We read a little bit of Melissa's side with her one night stand after her ex-husband Ted shows up with some new arm candy and Melissa feeling intimidated ends up in another man's arms and of course, there is growing tension between Melissa and Arditi with the release of her new book which is slowly getting there.  I am enjoying this serial and look forward to reading more in the Geek Actually series and seeing how the characters develop over time.


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