Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Review: Meg - Beach Bride Series - Julie Jarnagin

Meg (Beach Brides Series #1)

Review: Meg - Book #1 Beach Bride Series - Julie Jarnagin - May 2017

An idea I have always loved is the whole Message in a Bottle theme. The one where you write a message and put it in the ocean with the hopes that someone will find your message and write back to you. So when I came across this series, I knew I had to read them all. The Beach Bride Series follows twelve women who originally met on Facebook as they all belonged to the same online book group. This part resonated with me as years ago I was a member of a Facebook book group called BA, and recently I got to meet when I attended RT a number of the authors and other members of the group after all these years. Meg is from a small town called Alma and works as a theater director for their hometown. She once had dreams of being an actress on Broadway but decided she didn't want to be burned again. When the women met for the first time as a fun activity, they decided to write a letter describing their perfect man. Meg returns home and forgets about the letter until a phone call from a guy named Elliott. He has found her letter and wants her to come and be the star of his dating reality TV show "One True Love." Meg who is anti- acting refuses, but when he makes an offer to help save her small town theater, she reluctantly accepts. One thing leads to another and Meg finds herself on a Bachelorette-type dating show. Will she find her perfect man amongst the ten contestants or will love throw her a different path and her man be waiting on the sidelines till after the show?
Find out in Book #1 Beach Bride Series - Meg by Julie Jarnagin today. A nice cozy Summer romance read.

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