Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Review: Master Professor - Tara Sue Me

Master Professor: Lessons From The Rack Book 1 (Lessons From The Rack Series)

Review: Master Professor - Book #1 Lessons from The Rack Series - Tara Sue Me - April 2017

I have to admit when I first saw this book, I had my doubts on whether or not I would enjoy it. The main reason being that Tara Sue Me has always been likened to authors like Sylvia Day and Maya Banks. She is one of the original BDSM authors. Quite a few of the original BDSM authors, I have found their work to be slow-paced. However, Master Professor by Tara Sue Me surprised me, and I loved it. It was an awesome read and in a way not too overly sexualised with the whole BDSM world. The other part which made me enjoy it more was the fact that it was a teacher/student romance and those are one of my favorite tropes to read about. In Master Professor, we meet Andie Lincoln who is dating celebrity Terrence Knight. Andie is a virgin and discovers that Terrence is a Dom and into the BDSM world. Wanting to be better for him, she is enrolled into a BDSM training academy where she meets her teacher Fulton Matthews aka Master Professor. There is a spark between Fulton and Andie, something that she hasn't felt before and as they are paired up for training sessions and become closer and closer, it is revealed that the pair care for each more than a usual Dominant/Submissive couple should. As the book goes along, we read as Andie is torn between her emotions and feelings for both Terrence and Fulton. What will happen when both guys decide to give Andie their full hearts? Who will Andie choose? Will she go with celebrity Terrence Knight or will she go for the Master Professor of BDSM - Fulton Matthews?
Find out in this awesome BDSM read that everyone should add to their Erotica BDSM reading lists for 2017.

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