Friday, April 13, 2012

Review: Immaculate Resurrections Book #1 - Randall Lowe

Have you read Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins's "Left Behind Series" ? Especially the book in particular Nicolae ?


Review: Immaculate Resurrections : Book #1 - The Antichrist - Randall Lowe - December 2011
It all began in AD 325 when a Master Eusebius tried to defy and betray the Emperor Constantine , he was cursed by Hosius and from then on his family lay slain to a curse for generations to come until now when we are transported to the modern world and introduced to Felix August , Felix is one of those guys who may be a slacker but wants to prove otherwise as we discover that he cheated his way into college at Portland College or as we New Zealander's call it University. However, life for Felix is about to get really hard and seriously weird when the school groundskeeper again that's like a Janitor in NZ reveals to Felix that he is in fact the second -coming , a reincarnation of a druid from AD 325 and that he has to fight against the reincarnation of the Antichrist who just happens to be a CEO of a multi-billion dollar business . Now Felix must discover a way to tear down CEO Landry Ashfield in a way that wont get him A) Arrested or B) Killed. All Felix ever wanted was a normal college experience and instead due to an old family curse , he became the second -coming. A novel that throughs a hint of religion , contemporary college life , coming of age and a DaVinci like mystery.  The cover however, readers do not let you put it off as it is not what it seems.


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