Sunday, April 8, 2012

Review: Thieves at Heart - Tristan J. Tarwater

On the lookout for an elfin novel ? Is LOTR your type of series ? Do you prefer the fantasy creatures elves over vampires ? Get ready for a new series by Tristan Tarwater , aimed at the 12+ audience.
Review : Thieves at Heart - Book #1 The Valley of Ten Crescents series - Tristan J. Tarwater - September 2011

When I opened this book, I wasn't sure what to expect in terms of the age group it was meant for but as I got started from the cover into the first chapter , it became apparent . The Thieves at Heart is the perfect novel for those young fantasy readers who are in between the I'm too old to read Junior Fiction and the I'm too young to read Teen Fiction.
Thieves at Heart takes us into the life of Tavera , a half-elf who hasn't had the greatest of upbringings as her father tried to kill her and then she ended up working on the streets as a pick-pocket and then sold to somebody else. The somebody else turns out to be a man named Derk and soon he and Tavera strike up a relationship almost like a father-daughter one, but as the story goes along, is it too good to be true ? Can Tavera ever live a normal life ?
This novel had it's ups and downs with emotions of joy and sadness and in a way as I was reading it , it gave off a Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens tale mixed with A Knight's Tale - the film starring Heath Ledger.
A series that I look forward to see where Tristan takes it as the way it ended spurred alot of ideas for what could happen next in Book #2.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the beginning of Tavera's adventures! And it's funny you mentioned 'A Knight's Tale,' it's one of my favourite movies. Cheers!


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