Thursday, April 5, 2012

Review: The Maze Runner - James Dashner

Are you a guy ? Did you like the premise of The Hunger Games ? Wanting something more masculine , where the guys are the main heroes ?
A cross between The Hunger Games and The Outsiders comes James Dashner's Series "The Maze Runner".
Review: The Maze Runner - Book #1 Maze Runner Series - James Dashner- October 2009
When I first heard about this book , it didn't really interest me at all but then something sparked this morning and I thought, alright I'll give it a whirl and to my suprisement I actually enjoyed it alot. It was a great read and I think since I've been on a tad bit of a dystopian buzz , it made me enjoy it more. This is one dystopian novels that those of the male sex will really really enjoy as the whole line-up are teenage guys except for one girl who shows up about halfway through the novel. The Maze Runner starts with a new arrival called Thomas - this isn;t anything out of the ordinary except that those who have gone through what is called "The Change" swear they know Thomas and that he is bad news.  We discover that the boys have been sent to a place known as the glades and that the "supposed" only way out is through the Maze, which they have not yet cracked.  Thomas though, feels like he has been here before and soon we discover that this piece of land and the Maze are all part of a new world. Can Thomas with the help of his newfound friends crack the Maze and what will happen when their past memories ,once erased start to come back in fragments ?
The Maze Runner is a great novel as I said above for Teen Boys and had a feel of The Hunger Games with the Survival of the Fittest , Divergent with the different sectors and of course the cult classic "The Outsiders" with the male coming of age type story.
The Maze Runner is also set to be made into a film in 2013 by Director of Twilight and Red Riding Hood "Catherine Hardwicke".
Stay Tuned as I bring you Books #2  The Scorch Trials and #3 The Death Cure of the Series.

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