Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Review: The Breakaway - Michelle Davidson Argyle

First off I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and I hope everyone is well :)
To kick off the new year , I bring to you the first post of the year of an Ebook by an Indie Author.
 Review: The Breakaway - Book #1 The Breakaway Series - Michelle Davidson Argyle -May 2012
Are you a fan of Indie books, love to support Indie authors ? I have decided that , well for now try and target my books on my bookshelf and go for a book buying ban- though not sure how long that will last haha and read all the books that I have on my Ipad which is plenty and even more if you actually count my physical bookshelf. So to get the ball rolling, here is Book #1 for 2013 - The Breakaway by Michelle Davidson Argyle.
The Breakaway tells the tale of Naomi , a seventeen year old girl who after one night out with her friends and family finds herself kidnapped and waking up in a strange environment. It seems though that this is not your average kidnapping as theres one that wants to kill her , another that loves her romantically and a pair that want to be her parents. As the weeks turn to months and the months to a year , read as Naomi's hope starts to waver whether or not she will see her real family again. Naomi hasn't always been particulary close to her parents as they were workaholics, will they notice Naomi gone ? Will they even spend time looking for Naomi ?  If you are looking for an edgy read that targets the topic of Stockholm Syndrome, then The Breakaway is definitely the book for you as you will start to see the tale through not only Naomi's view but understand the feelings of the kidnappers around her.
This is a series that I am looking forward to following and keeping an eye on.



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