Sunday, January 20, 2013

Review: The Shadowed Onyx - Nicole O"Dell

As those who read my The Phantom Paragrapher site, will be well aware that I am sort of a read out of order when it comes to series type of girl. I don't mean to do it deliberately but it just sort of happens. Again this is one of those times, but do not fear as alas I went and brought books #1 and #2 on Kindle.
Review: The Shadowed Onyx - Book #3 The Diamond Estates Series - Nicole O'Dell - December 2012
Reading The Shadowed Onyx has made me glad that I went back and brought Books #1 and #2 as if they are anything as good as this one then I am certainly in for a treat of a time as The Shadowed Onyx really made me think about how easy it is to be influenced by the outside world and backslide from Christ , Church etc especially if something terrible has happened in your life and you are searching for the answers on why it happened and how it happened.
In The Shadowed Onyx, we meet 17yr old Joy whose anything but her namesake now as her best friend Melanie has just committed suicide and unfortunately Joy was the one to find her dead body. Eager for answers and a way to find out what really is going on , Joy turns to a group of newfound friends who are into Seances and Spiritual guides. All the things that Joy has been taught was wrong towards God. As Joy becomes more heavily involved, she takes things to a next level recieving her own spirtual creature - Silas ( a wolf) and an Onyx necklance which is said to contain her spiritual guidance. As the story goes along though, strange things start occuring and Joy as she starts to realise that maybe God isn;t that bad after all - she starts to find herself under attack. Is the Devil real and does he want too make sure she never goes over to the light? With the help of Ben and Gilly at Diamond Estates will Joy be able to save her soul and turn back to the way of the truth and light and steer far away from evil or will it harm her before she gets a chance to change and confess that she wants to follow God?
The Shadowed Onyx was an amazing and outstanding read that really makes you think about the Occult and the Spiritual world that some people can take. I found it to be a real eye-opener and can't wait to read the others in the series.


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