Friday, January 25, 2013

Review: Private Oz - James Patterson and Michael White

Are you a big as fan as I am when it comes to James Patterson's novels ? Do you love to read them in one sitting ? Have you been following his new Private Series featuring Jack Morgan's new PI company "Private" ?
Review: Private Oz - Book #4 Other Private Offices Series - James Patterson and Michael White - October 2012
Is there that one author who know matter how many books they release , who they release them with and what genre they may be in - you just have to read and get your hands on them . Growing up as a child it was Jacqueline Wilson but as I got older to College age , I started to read alot of James Patterson's novels and fell in love with his books and from then on I have read and will continue until one day the need might stop as it did with Jacqueline Wilson and then I will discover another author , but until then I revel in reading James Patterson's books and bring to you the next one in the Private Series.
As fans of the Private series will know , Jack Morgan inherited from his father the PI Company "Private" and now as we come to Book #4 we are reading as he takes the Private organisation worldwide. He has offices now in America , London and now home of one of the Down Under's Australia. Jack has sent his right-hand woman and girlfriend Justine over to Australia to set up a new Private Offices with Aussie Craig Gisto to head up the Oz office . If they had planned this week to be a nice quiet one with paperwork and getting things set up then they have another thing coming as it seems that Australia has been hit by not one but two serial killers and they have no interest in stopping now. Not to mention , a pop singer thinks his manager wants to kill him and sign him for a life membership of Club 27 . With three cases and a small-team of five , Can the Private Oz Office solve the crimes , get settled in and stay alive all within the span of a couple of weeks or will the Private Oz be too swamped to handle the load ?
Find out in James Patterson's and newcomer Michael White's Private series book "Private Oz" and stay tuned readers as I bring to you at a later but soonest date the next book in the series "Private Berlin".

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