Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Review: Gone Wild - Dakota Madison

One of my all-time favourite authors and it doesn't matter what pen name she is using, I love all her books. Using her pen name Dakota Madison comes a new Novella series called Back to Bookman which features a smalltown university called Bookman University. In Gone Wild , we meet 46yr old Tenured Professor Dr. Blythe Daniels. She has always been a bookworm and one who has preferred the company of the printed word than people. She believes in education and doing your best, which has earned her a reputation for being a hard-ass. The thing is though, that she doesn't mean to be but it is the way she comes across. As she is getting older, she is starting to think about her future and loneliness creeps in. After an unsuccessful attendance of her 25th High School Reunion , Bly hops into her car and crashes as she swerves a little boy. Unfortunately the sheriff is not forgiving as back in his University days , Dr.Daniels failed him and this caused him to go into policing instead of his dream career. He arrests her and she has to go to court. From here she is sentenced to 30 days community service at the local Wilderness Camp for Troubled Teens. Blythe is anything but an Outdoors woman and her idea of roughing it camping is staying in a roadside motel room. As the book goes along, she is about to get an eye-opener into the lives of others and in doing so will also find herself and discover a part of herself, that she had lost so many moons ago. Also who says, that when you get to your late-forties you can't find love as the possibility of romance blooms for both Dr.Daniels and Turner Wild - the guy in charge of the Gone Wild Wilderness Camp.  Gone Wild was a great read and is perfect for those looking for a novella to read and if you are aged 40+ , then this is a perfect read as the characters are not young folks and disillusioned lovers with fantasy ideas , but real-life characters who know what it is liked to have truly loved and lost or not to be loved at all.
Dakota Madison's Back to Bookman Novella series is the perfect read for those fans who have loved and enjoyed Daisy Prescott's series Geoducks are For Lovers and the accompanying novellas.

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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review my new book! I greatly appreciate it!


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