Sunday, May 22, 2016

VBT # Fighter Girl - Kathryn James

In Fighter Girl which if you are in the UK is also published under Gypsy Girl, we meet Sammy-Jo Smith who is the youngest of seven daughters and out of the daughters seems to take more after her father Samson Smith who is a champion boxer and owns his own boxing gym. All her life, Sammy-Jo has preferred to fight than go shopping and would rather be the sort of girl to tumble and fall rather than prance around. Fighter Girl introduces us to Sammy's family who are also descendants of gypsies and live the gypsy life. Currently they are parked up in Gypsy Acre preparing for Sammy's sister Sabrina's wedding and she is a Bridezilla at most . Her personality came off to me like someone from Jersey - think Stephanie Plum Trenton's. During her time here, we discover that Sammy has been entering into illegal fights and of course winning big - the prize money going towards her sister's wedding. When a couple of the local guys try to get a jump on Sammy - she ends up kicking their butts. However, things won't just go away as they end up coming back and in a bigger group and soon Sammy and her secret boyfriend Greg Langston - his family own the property next to Gypsy Acres are kidnapped and hurt. Can Sammy-Jo save the day and get them both out alive in time for her sister's wedding or will she discover that she was in fact a pawn in a bigger game and that once a Gypsy always a Gyspy and that no matter how hard you try, you can never escape your family or it's past/history .
If you are wanting a read after the last #TeamParker boxing fight last night , then check out Fighter Girl by Kathryn James brought to you by Swoon Romancce Reads.


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