Thursday, May 19, 2016

VBT# Silent Hearts - Melissa West

Silent Hearts (Hamilton Stables, #3)

Review: Silent Hearts - Book #3 Hamilton Stables - Melissa West - May 2016

A while back readers will remember that I read and reviewed Wild Hearts which was Book #2 in the Hamilton Stables series and we met the Hamilton Brothers - Tripp, Alex and Nick. In this book, the boys had come back home due to their father being ill and on his death bed. Book #3 is set five years after that and is the youngest brother Nick's story. It has been five years since their farther Carter Hamilton passed away and Nick took over his father's business side of things while Alex and Tripp worked on the Stables. The business has been steadily declining and the staff are miserable and Nick is finding himself floundering and losing touch of who he really is . He doesn't want to lose the business, as if he sells then he will view it as if he had failed his father. Since they were both eight years old, Nick has always had his best friend Becca Stark by his side no matter what has happened. Becca has always loved Nick and hope that maybe he might feel the same day, but she hasn't said anything as she values their friendship too much and Nick has been through so much from the death of not only his father but also his fiancee Britt who passed away from Cancer. When Nick finds himself snowed under with pressure, he comes back home and straight in the arms of best friend Becca as they start hanging out again and even taking a diving class together. It seems Becca has caught the interest of the instructor Zac who is Kate Hamilton's older brother - Kate is married to Alex. This makes Nick jealous , can Nick find the courage to tell Becca how he really feels about her or will it be too late as she is given the opportunity to start a new career and life in Lexington ? Can Nick let go of the past and the black cloud that hangs in his heart and let Becca in completely or has he lost her forever ?
Find out in Book #3 and the final story of The Hamilton Stables Series as Melissa West concludes with the final brother's story.

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