Friday, May 27, 2016

VBT# Cheerleading Can Be Murder - Carissa Ann Lynch

Cheerleading Can Be Murder

Review: Cheerleading Can Be Murder - Book #1 Horror High Series - Carissa Ann Lynch - April 2016

As a fan of Carissa Ann Lynch's The Flocksdale Files, when I discovered that she had a new one out Cheerleading Can Be Murder , I knew I had to read it as I had absolutely loved her other series. In Cheerleading Can Be Murder, we are taken back to the world of High School and the cliques and the girls that everyone wants to be - The Cheerleaders . Though only 4 can make the squad and there are seven of them trying out this year and three originals known as the Three T's who are on it every year. What I loved about this book was that the first chapter we are introduced to a character whom we know only as "The Sociopath". It seems that the targets are the cheerleaders and during the trials - strange things start occuring and one by one the cheerleaders are targeted from uniforms cut to shreds to dead animals - first sign of a sociopath to stuffed in the lockers. Can Dakota help solve the crime with her cheerleading team and friends before someone is dangerously hurt and is it someone close to Dakota as she seems to be the only one being warned to stay away ? I was hoping that we would discover who the sociopath was at the end of the novel and it seemed like we would for a moment or two and then wham bam - the author hits us with a cliffhanger that left readers like me going NOOOOOOO as I wanted to see who it was that had been tormenting the girls and the motive . I am now looking forward to Book #2 in the Horror High series and can't wait to see what the "sociopath" and "Dakota's" next moves are as I hope she is carried into the next book as well.
Cheerleading can be Murder is the perfect read for anyone who A) Loves Cheerleading and the Bring It On movies and B) fans of the 90's/ early 2000's slasher films like Scream and Valentine.

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