Monday, May 30, 2016

VBT# Evil - Tijan


Review: Evil - Tijan - May 2016

I have a few of this author's books on my e-reader to read and when I saw that she had released a new one called Evil, I quickly added it to my TBR pile. One genre which I can't read too much of as I went overkill a few years back is paranormal/supernatural . However, every now and again there will be one that is amazing and I can't put it down. That's how I felt about the majority of Evil by Tijan. This book started with a family of teens called the Braedens and we discovered that they were in fact half-demons. One of the sisters Shay , however hated the fact she had "evil" within her and tried to be as normal as possible. Turns out though, she was quite powerful and in fact her lineage is far more advanced and different than any usual half-demon out there. In Evil, we read as Shay's whole life that she has built for herself and what she knows starts to unravel and quickly as she discovers that her life and who she really is has been built on a foundation of lies. Though Shay feels like she has no-one she can turn to , she always has Kellen who A) she assumed was her brother and B) she thought he was just like her. These two have always been close and thick as thieves and as we go deeper into Evil, we discover just how close they really are and why . Without giving too much of the story away, as Evil is one that you have to read and as you turn the pages the story unfolds and new discoveries are made. Now comes the reason it is only getting four stars from me instead of five as the first half of the book was fast-paced , drew me in and had a few OMG moments and then the second half of the book for me seemed to drag and there were a few unanswered questions - one part in particular , I had hoped for a different outcome and read as I was thinking this is the moment and it never came. Then in other parts as I got near the end of the story, I thought ok - it must be nearing the end and the book kept going.  Overall , Evil was a good supernatural/paranormal story and if you love the genre then it is definitely one to check out and as demons do - devour the book in one sitting.

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