Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Review: In Sickness and In Elf - A.E Jones

Ever since I first saw the movie starring Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey , I have always been fascinated by Wedding Planners and then of course 27 Dresses came along and that was another favourite wedding movie. The other thing as I love organising things, wedding planning has always sounded like an amazing job to get into. So when I saw AE Jones's new book up for grabs , I knew I had to review it and I loved it. A little slow in places though but that was made up by the storyline as we meet Alex Bennett whose family for years has been running a Wedding Planning business and they are the best at what they do . She is in line to inherit and take over the business and all goes well, until she ends up being left at the altar which causes Alex to turn wedding phobic and have panic attacks at the sound of the first bar of the wedding march. Just as Alex starts to get back into the swing of things and ease herself back into the Wedding Planning business, strange things start happening and we discover someone is sabotaging her Grandmother's business . As Alex starts to dig deeper , she discovers a whole new side of her Grandmother's business that she never knew existed as her Grandmother specialises in planning unusual weddings and by unusual she means Weddings for the Paranormal. It seems that all the weddings that are being targeted fall under the Paranormal Umbrella. Can Alex team up with Devin Cole - a Paranormal outsider with temporarily no powers to solve the crimes and what will happen when Alex's past and even family history are brought into question ?
Find out in this fun and fast-paced Paranormal/Supernatural Holy Matrimony Read "In Sickness and In Elf" by AE Jones.


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