Tuesday, February 24, 2015

VBT# Second Death - Emily Reese

Second Death

Review: Second Death - Emily Reese - February 2015

Are you still into Vampire Fiction and love reading Teen Fiction ? Then , you will love Second Death by Emily Reese as she delves into the "real world" of Vampires. The story is set around Claire and Mike. Six years ago Mike's twin sister Meghan vanished and he swore that he would not rest until he found her and now six years later, he may have a clue with the book  known as "The Collector". Mike enlists the help of his professor Claire , but will she help Mike as she knows more than she is letting on about the book "The Collector" and though others view the book as a pile of fantasy , she knows the truth that what is written on those pages is more reality than fiction. In order to save Meghan from a dark demonic fate, Claire though must make the ultimate decision to reveal her true colours and a secret she has hoped she could keep as if she doesn't then Meghan may face the same fate as others have before her. Second Death told from a collection of POV's and often in places I did find the story a tad confusing and I have to admit that the first part of the book was really hard to get into and I found myself struggling a bit , but I knew I had to persevere and I am glad I did as once I got going I couldn't put the story down. Second Death is a quirky story and one that you will have to read carefully and despite it's confusing spots, the story as a whole does make sense when you start to near the ending and it wraps up beautifully.
If you love Quirkiness and in the mood for Vampires and believe that Vampires are not Dead in the water with teen fiction, then you will love Second Death by Emily Reese.

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