VBT# Sleeping Tom - E.V Fairfall

Review: Sleeping Tom - E.V Fairfall -- February 2015

Have you ever wondered about split personalities ? Did you watch that TV show "Do No Harm" where the same person was Jason from 8am-8pm and then from 8pm-8am he became Ian. One personality Jason was the nice guy and a surgeon , the other Ian was nasty and a psychopath who sometimes killed others and injured them. The thing was that none of them remembered ever being the other person, or what happened to them while they are that person. All they remember is the 12 hours that they are him.  Sleeping Tom by E.V Fairfall was along the same lines , the book starts with Rebecca ready to jump off a bridge when Gabriel drives past in his car and reluctantly saves her. At that moment , she decides to re-invent herself as Caden - become a different person, start a new life. Gabriel takes her to his place. During the night though, Caden is woken up by a noise - it is someone who wants to play , a child-like personality. His name as we learn is Tom. As the book goes along, readers discover that Gabriel comes out during the day and at night - Tom appears. Soon Caden finds herself falling for both - in love with Gabriel but having a nurturing and mothering type nature for Tom. What will happen though, when Caden confronts Gabriel about it and soon finds herself entwined into both their lives. Can she keep one secret from the other or will they start to crossover and can she keep both ? This book was a fascinating read and keeps the reader intrigued and wanting to discover more about the two personalities and trust me will have the reader falling and like Caden for both of the guys. Not to give the ending away, I shall leave with the final tidbit - that readers, the last couple of chapters will have a twist and turn of events that will leave you going OMG.
So if you are looking for a modern NA set Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde or loved the TV Show Do No Harm, then Sleeping Tom is the perfect read for you.



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