Friday, May 13, 2016

Review: She's Not There - Joy Fielding

She's Not There

Review : She's Not There - Joy Fielding - February 2016

As a mystery and thriller lover  and the fact I have read so many of them, some of them you pick up are duds but others are amazing. Though the cover was a bit of a turn-off for me as wasn't keen on the colour scheme of a vibrant blue and bright yellow. I loved She's Not There by Joy Fielding . It was amazing and capturing at the time . The book starts off in the present when Caroline gets a phone call from a girl called Lili who believes she is actually her daughter Samantha. The book then jumps back fifteen years in the past, when Caroline still had a loving family and was a mum to two beautiful girls Samantha and Michelle and happily married to Hunter. It was their wedding anniversary and they are off on a family trip to a hotel resort in Mexico. During the end of their trip , Caroline and Hunter arrive back at their hotel suite and discover that Samantha isn't in her crib - She's Not There. What follows next will be fifteen years of people pointing at Caroline thinking she murdered her daughter and that it was her fault , her husband left her for a much younger wife and now has two children of his own and her daughter Michelle barely speaks to her without an argument occuring. One phone call though , will change everything as the event and it's memories come spiralling back and Caroline's hope that her daughter is still alive is re-ignited. Is Lili really the missing baby called Samantha - now at 17 years old ? What happened fifteen years ago and where has she been all this time ? She's Not There is the perfect read for all those fans of the book "The Face on the Milk Carton" and the MTV show "Finding Carter". 
This is one mystery/thriller book that I recommend everyone should read.

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