Friday, August 5, 2016

Review: Moth Girls - Anne Cassidy

Moth Girls

Review: Moth Girls - Anne Cassidy - January 2016 

One of my first authors that I started reading when I first found my thriller and crime bug was Anne Cassidy with her book Looking for JJ . Since then, I have tried to read her books when they are released and the latest one to hit our shelves at the library was Moth Girls . Moth Girls is set five years after two of Mandy's friends disappeared and vanished without a trace as no bodies ever turned up , it was like they had vanished into thin air.  Five years ago, there were two best friends Petra and Tina and they did everything together and then Mandy came along and Tina enjoyed Mandy's company and despite Petra's objections - Mandy was slowly let into their group of two. Mandy over the next year became more Tina's friend than Petra's. One night when they were twelve  years old , Petra and Tina decided to go exploring in an old abandoned house and Mandy stayed home. That night the girls did not return and vanished never to be seen or heard from again. Over the past five years, Mandy swears she has seen Petra around - is she hallucinating or are the girls alive still and where have they been hiding all these years ? As Mandy's memories start to flood back about that night, we learn the truth of what really went down five years ago in that creepy abandoned house which caused two girls to disappear of the face of the earth. The only thing I will warn you about readers is that due to the author being British - often I find British mysteries and fiction in general to be a little more slow-paced and Moth Girls is one of those slower paced books. Reading it however reminded me of the new TV show on Freeform "Guilt".
 If you are looking for a new British teen mystery to put your brains to the test and work those Sherlock Holmes crime solving and deduction skills - check out Moth Girls by Anne Cassidy today.

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