Monday, August 15, 2016

Review: No Limits - Lori Foster

No Limits (Ultimate, #1)

Review: No Limits - Book #1 Ultimate Series - Lori Foster - August 2014

As I was headed up to Auckland this past week on the bus, I figured I would grab a few titles that had been sitting on my bookshelf for a while that belonged to the Harlequin range. One of them was a 2014 title "No Limits". I was a bit doubtful at the beginning on whether I would actually enjoy this read or not as often I find certain themes you get sick of them after you have read quite a few as it seems to repeat itself. However, every now and again you find a hidden treasure in the pile and No Limits by Lori Foster was one of those as I quite enjoyed the read. In No Limits  we meet Cannon Colter and Yvette Sweeney . Three years ago Cannon wanted Yvette and things were going there way until tragedy struck tearing them both apart and they both parted ways, hoping to not have to return back home to their smalltown. Cannon is now a champion fighter and Yvette is a Ebay valuer, her role sort of reminded me a bit of JLH on Ghost Whisperer meets Lori Loughlin's role on Garage Sale Mystery but done virtually. Yvette's grandfather has passed away and with Yvette being his only living relative, she has come back home. She will be in for a surprise though as he has left half of his estate to Yvette and the other half to Cannon. Now they are both back in town with past memories hanging over their heads and their feelings for each other are still strong as ever. Can Cannon prove to Yvette that he truly loves her and that when he looks at her - he doesn't see the helpless girl from three years ago ? What will happen though when Yvette's ex comes into the picture and won't take "No" or "Leave me Alone" as an answer ? Will Cannon lose the love of his life once again or this time will he fight with No Limits and No Holds Barred to win her once and for all and never let her go.
Find out in Book #1 Ultimate Series by Lori Foster.

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