Monday, August 15, 2016

VBT# A Cunning Plan - Astrid Arditi

A Cunning Plan (Sloane Harper, #1)

Review: A Cunning Plan - Book #1 Sloane Harper - Astrid Arditi - May 2016

What would you do if your husband whom you still thought you loved left you for another woman - someone who had been his mistress ? Would you cry and move on or would you wish for them to come back and in the meanwhile stalk the new girlfriend ? If you are like Sloane Harper, then you would pick the latter. For the past few weeks , Sloane has been staking out Kate's apartment building hoping to catch a glimpse of the woman her husband left her for. During one of her stake-outs, a mystery man jumps in her car and hands her a top secret spy assignment. Enter Ethan who is currently undercover and trying to catch a criminal , but since he stands out he needs someone a bit more sly and incospicious and he wants Sloane to help him. He has been trying to pin down Kate's boss Gabriel for a crime and this may be his last chance as none of the other evidence seems to stick. Sloane reluctantly agrees to help and soon finds herself swept up in Gabriel's world as the pair start dating . Will Sloane try and convince Ethan that Gabriel is not the man he thinks he is but someone else in his organisation or has Sloane found herself wrapped up in the thought of someone new loving her - that she can't see clearly and will put her family's life in danger ? At first I thought this was going to be a bit like a Stephanie Plum /Presley Thurman type cozy mystery with the main character having a humourous and troublesome side but ended up being more of a Family Saga/ Drama/ Romantic Suspense story.  I enjoyed this book, but have to say at the beginning - I wasn't keen on Sloane as she felt a little pathetic and desperate , however this changed  near the end of the novel as Sloane grew some balls and became the strong and brave female she had hiding underneath all along as the ending gave her the courage she needed to move on with her life and say good riddance to the past.

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  1. Thank you for the lovely review! So glad you enjoyed the novel!


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